Spring 2010

Early Morning Cereal Over Sonnet

My son eats one Cheerio at a time; he’s good like that
Swimming with milk, incognito wearing the cloak of wheat
William Blake focused on angels; I haven’t thought about the
Angels of cereal that spill and roll into bowls
As time speeds up and slows down, an idea: Let things be
Like giant snowballs sitting in the road, waiting
Birds outside the window will eat Kix or other pieces of life on the line
A sun peeks over the spoon as it goes up and down, turbine-like
Today, the remembering of zoos and neon lights, speeding highways
And other cupcake memories of North American wind
Children play with trains, and sometimes the fat cat sleeps soundly
Shadows of trees dancing on the walls; a scribbling-like
Funes, the burden of reliving every heartache and broken day
My rhyme scheme has been stolen by Count Chocula, who
Had no interest in iambs or form, just Hades-like rivers of
Brown milk with slow waves evening out to be flat nights, of a life.



The player will show in this paragraph

Police try to move giant snowball in Aldridge