Spring 2010


Julia Bloch grew up in Northern California and Sydney, Australia, and currently lives in Philadelphia. She is the co-founder of the Emergency reading series and the managing editor of Jacket2; her poems have appeared recently in Aufgabe, Sidebrow, and Cue. Her new chapbook The Selfist is forthcoming from Katalanché Press.
NOTE: I shot this short video with my little digital camera in Dunedin, New Zealand, around 7 a.m. in April 2009 when I walked out of my friend’s house to see a mass of Australian black swans feasting in the low tide and gulls swooping in among them. I wanted to try to capture the sound the birds were collectively making, which I thought had a synthetic and absorptive quality.

Thomas Devaney is a poet, teacher, and critic. He is the author of A Series of Small Boxes (Fish Drum), Letters to Ernesto Neto (Germ Folios), and editor of ONandOnScreen. His web site is thomasdevaney.net.
Alan Gilbert is the author of Another Future: Poetry and Art in a Postmodern Twilight. His writings on poetry and art have appeared in a variety of publications, including Artforum, The Believer, Modern Painters, and the Village Voice; his poems have appeared in Bomb, Boston Review, Chicago Review, and The Nation, among other places. He lives in New York City.
Patricia Spears Jones is an award-winning African-American poet, editor, playwright, teacher and former Program Coordinator at The Poetry Project at St. Mark’s Church. Her poetry collections are Femme du Monde and The Weather That Kills. She edited and contributed to Think: Poems for Aretha Franklin’s Inauguration Day Hat. Her web site is psjones.com.
Vincent Katz is a poet, editor, and critic. He is the author of 11 books of poems, including Alcuni Telefonini, with Francesco Clemente, published by Granary Books. Katz is the publisher of Vanitas magazine and Libellum books.
Jay Kirk’s nonfictions appear with some irregularity in magazines like Harper’s, GQ, and Nerve.com. He is a Pew Fellow in the Arts and teaches in the Creative Writing Program at the University of Pennsylvania.
Chris Martin is the author of American Music, chosen by C. D. Wright for the Hayden Carruth Award and published by Copper Canyon. His second book, Becoming Weather, is forthcoming from Coffee House Press. He edited the online magazine Puppy Flowers for ten years and has taught in New York for the last seven. He sometimes stands in his front yard under the flightpath of planes bound for LaGuardia and when he does he thinks of you.
Sharon Mesmer is the author of the poetry collections Annoying Diabetic Bitch (Combo Books, 2008), The Virgin Formica (Hanging Loose, 2008), Vertigo Seeks Affinities (Belladonna Books, 2006) and Half Angel, Half Lunch (Hard Press, 1998). She is a member of the flarf collective. Her web site is virginformica.blogspot.com.
NOTE: I’m usually not this serious. But I think I was feeling serious during the time Tom asked me to find a vid and respond with a poem: if I remember right, it was Spring, and the 30th anniversary of the death of my first love. Spring, death ... serious stuff. But, seriously, I love the edits and repetitions applied to this vid of Louise B. It’s simple and it makes sense. And she was just so beautiful.

Laura Spagnoli teaches French at Temple University, where she founded In Other Words, a magazine for world languages. Her poetry has appeared in Philadelphia Stories and New Millennium Writings and her essays on French literature in Excavatio and Dix-Neuf.
Jason Livingston is a film and video maker currently living in Ithaca, NY. His web site is jasontlivingston.com.
Sparrow lives next to a highway in New Jersey. His newest hobby is keeping a list of everything he finds thrown onto his front lawn. The most recent item: a lollipop stick, licked clean.
Sparrow is in the band Foamola.
Erik Sweet co-edits Tool a Magazine, which can be found at toolmagazine.com. He lives in Albany, New York with his family.


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Nadia Hironaka - "Age of Atmosphere" (produced by Karen Hager)