Fall 2010

The Formation of Language

Do bees make daffodowndillies, do bees make daffodowndillies?
I am using a cardboard box to celebrate this lovely day
Armadillo, armadillo, armadillo head
Catchphrase, catchphrase, catchphrase, catchphrase, catch catch
I have a sad heart, gummy bunnies, alligator books, and roses
Yup, yup, yup and the little bunny will grow knees
Then put on socks for bed but the animals in the zoo
Are not ready for bed, the rat screamed Oooouuuutttt!!!!!
A naughty rat carried the alligator back to the zoo
The desire to be admired mires in failure
When all is thrown away a weightless beauty is beheld
Both sides of the music meet to form mystical deliverance
Spared not a single fear nor insulated from all fears
The doctor asks, “Lucas, what did you eat?”
Lucas responds, “Poisonous berries from the Virginia Creeper.”
“Why?” The doctor asks. “Because they are poisonous.”
We make the dirt dirty so that the basil will grow.
Some vegetables do die. The basil needs water, love, and sun.



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