Winter 2011

from Wear You to the Ball

was enabling a music school for murderers

“if everyone had a flute we could all learn

to work the valves and put it to our lips

and try and ease a pure taste out of it” quote

end-quote, signed the dog with a bone in its jaws

to this concert added harmonium plus

de pais basco this four-handed ‘marimba’

of 2x4s stimulated with wooden dowels

handled by two sisters it is called txalaparta

shaping the units of wind in the interstices

to an octagon of triangles fitted

as if around nineteen tennis-balls

what is the sound it makes vibrating in time

its medium, as is air, as are solids of bone

jigsawed to pull the assemblage together

I like being strapped to the skeleton


and sent into battle formation without

body-armor could surface in a shoot-’em-up

AT KING TUBBYS with them who make war on what

passes understanding, it has to be borne by

the song hurtling past transcribing its elliptic



The player will show in this paragraph

Improvisation on three txalapartas at the Festival Músicas do Mundo in Sines, Portugal