Winter 2011

Three Pear Trees

First Poem of the New Year, 2011

I have a strong request that the soundtrack to the world
include more hand claps, please.
I have two books of poems I’d like to get out of my house and into the world
because I’d like the world to know them and wave at them but also
because I sort of believe that I can’t write any new poems
with these two books still sitting inside of my own house.
I have a feeling that if these two books left my house
maybe I’d write poems that tried to be really friendly, like this: Hello there!
Like Becky Stark a.k.a. Lavender Diamond’s psychedelic healing vision,
          her folk fable fashion fantasy.
Last night I dreamed my ex-boyfriend’s mother
was showing me her home and her lawn and she had almost a full acre
and on the front lawn there were three pear trees in full bloom
and it was the most beautiful and lush thing I’d ever seen,
and then I realized it was a time of winter and only a few trees around
          were blooming
but all of her trees were.
My ex-boyfriend’s mother is dead.
This is the time of year for dead people,
and for the birthdays of very close sisters and children,
and I myself am getting a little closer to dying all the time.
I would hug this condition if I could.
I’d like to share this dream and this condition in a circle with you,
maybe in something that resembles a church.
I would like Hoa to read my I Ching again
and to learn to do the nettle infusions.
I would like to learn to hypnotize myself to go without income for awhile.
I want to get a double rain storm cover for the kids’ stroller
so we could stroll through the winter and through all the double storms.
I dreamt my friend from high school with the very small body
was pregnant and I helped her with the birth.
I am torn between wanting to meet you at the church
for a morning of silent prayer or a morning of Jungian dream analysis
or a morning talking about generating compassion,
but I know I’d like to meet you Sunday mornings.
I would like those handclaps to come in about now.



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"Here Comes One" by Lavendar Diamond, live at Amoeba Records