Winter 2011

Poem for Lizzette on the Eve of Here Goes Nothing

The bankers know me by my gray life
Inside. You know differently. I found
Four walls today. I found a land of dreams
I once walked into for a time. I found
His land, too, all red and black and decimated.
An evergreen hedge takes a long time
To grow. A long-lost sister’s lifespan, I think.
Tenderness toward each other never falters,
Except when I smashed those glass ashtrays
That time when we were lovers. Please, go,
Do what you have to do. I won’t interfere
From my now-world of face cleansers and
Perfect hair. What’s happened over the last
Few lost years was just a dream I had, and
Now, I’m forgetting it on my walk into the
Blue world of souls. I have no one to talk to
About it, or to protect me from my misery.
Hold your hands out and let some imaginary
Water seep through. This is what I said to him,
Though when I said it, the water was real.



The player will show in this paragraph

"Xtal" by Aphex Twin with footage from the FLIR SC6000 thermography camera