Summer 2011 BOMB Issue

May 10 — The Dow Closes Up 12760

from Ghost Numbers or $INDU

Black walnut tree cuts a path
up the mid-spring sky
the mind only carries you so far
the dog licks his empty bowl
over and over a decade
goes in real wages
while you increase productivity
the poem says cultivate your infinite
anxiety is a crow in the shape of a hole
in your neighbor’s wall
the poem tells you to open
like a 401(k) account
stand like seedling against a granite sky
the black walnut tree says patience
where the prayer flags used to fly
the poem casts a shadow
in the shape of a tree
the tree circulates
its own currency
and does not claim
the unseen hand
belongs to god



The player will show in this paragraph

Stock Market Video: Market Digests Massive Dollar Move, Financial Stocks Bounce