Summer 2011 BOMB Issue

A Mellow Drama

A word-worker remained silent.
“Do we need to talk about this?”
No words outwards, except
an indiscernible smudge on the ceiling.
“Shut up, you don’t have your glasses on.”

Size queens and syphilitic whores
receive benefit packages in other cultures
I think, but do we need to talk
about this? As it were, I am
in egregious denial.

But you like Number 10;
I like Christine Cagney.
Shooters, passing sass, and other dealbreakers.
You are not in a court of law,
as it goes.

“No, I am not in a court of law,”
I asserted.
Dealbreakers are everywhere, but
without words, outwards, we have nothing
to really talk about.



The player will show in this paragraph

Cagney & Lacey, "Couple's Therapy"