Summer 2011 BOMB Issue

Style is the Man

What else would it be?
A mere statistic?

Speaking of which,
hero gets sentimental and stoic on causeway
       to nowhere.

This shot endures for seven seconds, tops,

then a glimpse of back story:
no weather, not outwardly, only
inwardly, but no self-expression,
unless you count hurricanes

or the stubble,
which really makes the jacket, then
the perp makes the surveillance team.  Damn.

Wall of sound fades to wall of light.

The glamor, the glamor!
It’s like: the horror, the horror!  Only different
because life, this major learning experience,
has learned to imitate entertainment.

God knows his own strength
but the camera doesn’t and hell hath no fury

like a camera scorned, so
don’t even think about it, just do that thing
with your profile, the night’s broken heart

and the ribbon of light on the far side of the water.




The player will show in this paragraph

from Louis Malle's "Elevator to the Gallows," with music by Miles Davis