Winter 2012

Genital Emotion

Did she say “genital emotion,”

       Or the more logical, “angelic motion”?

The teletypes pound like jungle drums,

hell of commotion on the Kylie international network,

it almost sounded like “genital something,

genital emotion,”

Like Frank O’Hara I have behaved disgracefully,

thrown up on Erica Jong, fainted at readings,

confused two black poets with each other,

been accused of not being able to distinguish

black faces, tried to talk Dodie into

posing nude with me a la John and Yoko for

nude for Brains magazine, made a pass at David

Johansen, —and Chris Johanson—and Hanson, —but I never actually

   spoke the words “genital emotion,”

it is the bourne from which no traveller returns,

there’s a line here, separating sheep from goats, men from boys, pumas
from cougars,

called genital emotion,

You know it if you got it,

It is the most embarrassing thing that could

happen, outside of death

Now wow wow wow wow



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Kylie Minogue - “Wow”