Winter 2012

The Hansen Spancrete Complex

for Matthew Coolidge

Craving the Hanson Horn
I went in search of the Hanson Complex’s
Learning Pond, where I would find
The operative Hanson—Hanson Vivian
Captain of the Spancrete Complex
The Hanson Spancrete Complex

I was literally blown off my course
By Hanson’s major alluvial fans
A Spirian Tearian typhoon
Forced me to turn complete cartwheels
At the mining area
Of the Hanson Spancrete Complex

Vivian Hanson now silenced the typhoon
With the Hanson Horn, expediting the assembly
Of engineered plateaus and causeways
The ubiquitous functional structures
Fringing the complex’s learning pond
Fed by the Schlitz aquifer

Meadows glowed a spectral green
Wind changing four directions in minutes
When Robert Vivian, the brother
Of Hanson Vivian, spotted a
Contamination plume jetting 12 stories
Threatening the Schlitz aquifer

After a sputtering, the Perkins Noise
Burst across the Hanson Spancrete Complex
The Hansons instantly recognized the threat
And gripped hard the Hanson Horn directing
Interns across capped pits, toward
Incursions from a division of Perkins Elmer

Puffs of hot wind swept through the streets
Of the Hanson Spancrete Complex
Corn slurry! Corn Slurry! Hanson Vivian
Hid his head—a sickening sulfurous smell
Fogged regions of the capped pit
At the call of the Perkins Noise

Compromising the learning pond
Corn slurry bubbled over the Hanson Ridge
From the junction of Perkins Elmer
Causing the Schlitz aquifer to percolate up
Through precast concrete structural members
As interns churned furiously at safety valves

Vivian Hanson again manned the Hanson Horn
(I was having a hard time getting a turn)
Vivian expedited the assembly of a temporary
Corn slurry causeway at the Perkins Elmer gap
Capping the Schlitz aquifer breech with a structure
Of great utility to the Hanson Spancrete Complex



The player will show in this paragraph

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