Winter 2012

Strong Discolored Blast — An Emblem

Propagandistic anarchic texture
bad puce for denizens

with the moon in the air like that
you can’t even see veins in jackalope’s ears
no suntans no billowing cotton
and even I lost my shape
in this futurological groping—
can we say any more for life?
My antlers are only on there so my god’s hum’s powers
will drip into lithe signals
while she was calling me this shape;
a hexagonal phosphenic kyuss is like that
so flush with my hedonistic and responsible
pagan’s eye, so I think this clearly now.
Foraging in the creosote jest
full of jack mormons and dream middens:
with friends like these, who needs augury?
With friends like these, who do such
Ovidian things in the middle of nowhere

fleshing a blue hexx with pink light,
who needs pink light unless such friends entwilight?



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Video by Gabie Strong, filmed at the installation of Strong and McCullough’s BLAST SITE, presented at Shangrila: New Moon, Joshua Tree.