Spring 2012


You may contact the First Families of Virginia,
but do not expect an invitation to join.

Order of the First Families of Virginia
5055 Seminary Road, #439
Alexandria, VA 22311 USA

Descendants of Pocahontas and John Rolfe
are counted among its members.

John Rolfe made his money in non-native
tobacco species as a cash crop. He believed
he saved her soul through Christian marriage.

Nicotine crosses the blood-brain barrier within
seven seconds after inhalation. The half-
life in a system is roughly two hours.

It activates reward pathways. The average smoker
uses 20 cigarettes a day in order to stave off

There are no children who carry my blood.
You must do it.



The player will show in this paragraph

Edison Manufacturing Company - Admiral Cigarette advertisement (1897)