Autumn 2012

Coração Americano

Under the influence of
Milton Nascimento, “San Vicente”

I was in a city.
I was in a body.
Savor of glass
And the cut. The men
And the women. The city

And its fires.
American: action
Potential glassy
Wave across surface
Awkward expulsion

Vasculature continents
Bear roaming tundra
Llamas in llanos
A veil of cranes settles
And shore trembles

Smoking volcano cup
Pickaxe chant lie
Down across Andes
Yukon Yucatán
Colombia Columbia

Savor of life and death
Glazed warp of mirrors
What heart knows
Nothing of borders
Shattered robin’s-egg blue

Chocolate tin dust
Razor and the burn
Involuntary whip
And the keystroke
Traffic and swindle. One

Could have been
About to offer her heart
To the authorities one
Could have approached for
The slap, semen, receipt.

Coração Americano
Recusas a cara fracionada
Montas o continuo
Espasmo automático
Na fibra. What heart

Knows except in the
Wheel how long until
You feed your baby
Torn sprawl across
Distinctions. Expand

Expand the American
Expand the heart
Expand the American heart
The impulse to it

Relax and wait
To fill fitful American
Push against resistance
They were there they
Waited in the immense throng

American blood rush
Bodies helpless
From her black
Body she knew
White fell and

Black rose city
And its lights
The men and the women in
The interminable line
Await what is about to happen

Glass in the wrist
Wait is inscribed in happen
Happen awaits and
Waiting is what happens
While they wait

While it happens
The heart waits
The heart happens
The American heart is waiting
Relaxes and fills

The American heart shoves
The American heart
Happens there
Is no American heart.
It is the only one.



The player will show in this paragraph

"Absence/Presence" by Pilar Timpane