Autumn 2012

from Domestic Cryptography Survey I
from nulls : a closet drama

Mammal messages able to evolve privately between beings.
—Joseph McElroy, “Night Soul”

DO NOT REMOVE FROM THIS ROOM. have you ever cheated on your wife? have you had a change in your responsibilities at work? have you been in a fight or other difficulty because of your temper? have you become nervous, moody, temperamental, or easily upset? have there been any conflicts between you & your spouse which could disrupt your marriage? if home alone, do you close the bathroom door to shit? when is the last time you went to the dentist? have you ever cheated on your wife? what did everyone eat? & how much? & at what time? (FEMALES ONLY) have you ever been treated for infertility? has there been a change in your menstrual pattern or have you had any gyn problems? does he appear to notice unusual details that others miss? does he tend to take things literally? the special agent of the national security agency central security service listed below has told me that I am to be asked questions about the indicated offense(s) of which I am a suspect. I have been informed that this room has recording facilities which may be used to listen to the interview. I have been advised that this room is equipped with a two-way mirror which maybe used to monitor this interview. what percentage of the time is he understood by family? what percentage of the time is he understood by strangers? how long did everyone nap? this information will be made available on microfiche. please provide narrative answers to questions 26 through 29. classify answers as required. LIBRARY USE ONLY.
THE FOLLOWING IS PLAINTEXT. the poem uses no metaphors. the poem uses no irony. the poem uses no figurative language whatsoever. the poem uses no humor. the poem uses no appropriate eye contact. the poem has a monotonous voice. the poem has difficulty repairing communication breakdown & restarting conversation. the poem uses language in an eloquent but inarticulate way. the poem knows the emperor has no clothes. the poem chews on things that are not edible. the poem is unusually loud. the poem creates jokes that make no sense. the poem creates its own words & uses them with great pleasure in social situations. the poem interprets known words literally. the poem interrupts others. the poem tells no lies. the poem not single spies. the poem has impairments in prosody. THE PRECEDING IS CIPHERTEXT.



The player will show in this paragraph

From the series "WW2: Cryptographic Security" (1941)