Spring 2013

Image Noise

Grayscale breath on a fluid
field, with lo-fi
              rainpatter—petrol blue—
                         a 60-watt sun uns
-crewed from the
woebegone sky: rip-
                          rap & coal slurry,
   dragline & loess, what phosphor
-us is a semaphore
for, silklike
                in its acoustic shadows
                      louver away, or stay
when I move:
figures astray from the mercury
image noise
stressing each contour to
                   as if the margins were
swarming with
centers, or cinders
                                to the Eye”—
or Cinderella’s slipper
blown of poly-
                                  vinyl butyral
                         & laminated glass



The player will show in this paragraph

"A Videodrawing in Brooklyn" by Jason Varone