Spring 2013

Jiujitsu Déçu

Being human means feelings, like anger in the essay
The woman strangled with her own rope

Some possible futures of English
Will have

a pause to empty the head of expectations

say a boy in a white outfit go tries to throw his friend
and the mat slides, part water and salt

backed out of the driveway, trying to gain purchase in snow
no go


So, that was winter.
and the blossoms cough out their lilacs

I spend time in conversations wondering if I’m listening enough

she realized all that training was not going to make a difference—
cried for an hour then one more

his hands past my ears
my wrists under his hands
I realized all the training amounts to me immobile—

This conjuring act woman at bus stop in glint of piercing neon
murmurs a sexy “seems like it” to the phone

such plain day

and the hardening of hands

and the sudden inability to flip to the end of a song.
(Must I listen to the whole song?)



The player will show in this paragraph

Street Fight Real: Combat Jiuitsu Techniques