Spring 2013

Provocations (a subtraction)

for Adam DeGraff

1. Problems

3. Thinking about either of his lives

4. Cut off from anger

5. Being destroyed

8. Being a bear

9. Being a dog

10. Being placed on a tractor

11. Being a flight of stairs

12. Being punched by a falcon

13. Having his period

14. Being juried by a sand piper

15. Having a computers

17. “Oh. Sorry, David."

18. Jennifer Aniston being insulted

19. Bigfoot impersonator

21. Getting a trash

22. Having head

23. Being trampled by “The Sniper”

24. Words like “soup”

25. The pipe

26. Trying to get drunk

27. Trying to

28. Being a dumpster, two garbagemen, a thief, and rats add injury to salt

29. Having two wet football players turn to steam

30. Being trapped inside a football

31. The monkey is the business. Then being thrown up.

32. Printwheels, inexplicably

34. A woman who is the cliff

35. Boulder

36. Somehow becoming a bear

38. Placed in a small room with a raven

40. Falling into the church water of a bathhouse, and one stranger.

41. Being the middle of a forest.

45. Well?

46. New York

47. You don’t understand

48. A magic drunk tank

51. Having Thor the Thunder God around

52. Ernest Hemingway beats off

53. Being bear-assed

57. A guy yells “You’re a Goon!”

60. Being stuck in the lobotomy subject

61. Being "Swiss" pregnant

62. "Hey! Don’t touch that woman!”

71. Wandering into tons of garbage

73. Natives to be punished under the rites of La Culta de Cabeza Chocolata

74. The nasty rattlesnake

75. Beaten up by “the other”

76. Falling in a pitfall

77. Being housewifed by some man

78. Being thrown under New Orleans by a gorilla

81. Air Supply

82. An outbound freighter

88. Hit in the face by McGee

90. Inchoherent head

90. Being a conveniently open manhole

93. Being caught in a pile of large, heavy hippies

94. Foolishly trying

95. Falling out of himself

96. Deliberately going to a disco club with a "dark side”

97. Trapped with a heart, and showered with sparks

99. Leaving the laser beam



The player will show in this paragraph

by Marina Eckler