Spring 2013

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The ultimate lifestyle exercise for a home is its television. It produces error after error.
If knowledge unlike pleasure takes place in a network, a painting should pursue itself
In a set interval of time, i.e., the time allotted to it. The ideal interval is programmed,
Usually three to seven or twelve, and expands indefinitely. In that way all the words,
Like portraiture or shades of color, could be replaced by something that reminded
one of a couplet, an integer, a television set, a phone number or the revolving sea-
sons. If one doesn’t have a television set it is necessary to make one. It is now spring
or it is now autumn when you read this. The temperature is the same across all three
screens. Somewhere it is summer and I am losing someone because she is already
gone. The television set is sitting on the windowsill. It resembles a canvas. These
are the feelings television has and these are the ways we make our feelings disappear
into them, like small pieces of ice. The best paintings like poems make our feelings
evaporate at a constant rate like a disco, which is nothing but a rotating system of words masquerading as numbers. I think it is snowing and I worry that the guests
will be late. I flick on the screens. This is an election year, of course. How to incite
the idea of reading without reading? How to accessorize reading as a practice similar
to entertaining? One comes and then one goes. One adds something and then one
subtracts something else.

The most precious commodity in modern life is time. I live in a house like a series
of loops, plus signs.

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from "Eleven Minute Painting"