ONandOnScreen is poems + videos. Here videos are linked with poems and poems with videos in a shared space, widening the spectrum and essential strangeness of each.

  ONandOnScreen is that conversation between moving words and moving images,
on and on.

CURRENT WORK | Spring 2013

Daffy Duck in Hollywood  John Ashbery
from P R A C T I C E  Laynie Browne
Jiujitsu Déçu  Cynthia Arrieu-King
The Threshold  Charles Bernstein
A Pattern  Catherine Wagner and Timothy David Orme
Image Noise  Andrew Zawacki and Jason Varone
from The Glass Age  Cole Swensen
Solstice, 2012  Dorianne Laux and Richard Nace
red sky  Ryan Eckes and Cari Freno
Divining My Future  Gina Abelkop
Provocations  Noel Black and Marina Eckler
+      —  Tan Lin